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Cherished books by Elizabeth Knapp

From her website:

On a warm summer evening, a group of friends spoke of their children who were

about to leave home for college. The friends,

all mothers, wondered aloud...what did we teach them, what did we tell them, did we

tell them the things they will need to know?

And so were planted the seeds that would become Did I Tell You?

Elizabeth Knapp, artist, printmaker, writer

and gardener, lives in the Central Valley of California where summers are blazing hot

and winters cold and foggy. Her home and studio are surrounded by a tangled garden

of roses, herbs and flowers..The same

flowers that found their way onto the

pages of her books.

The books were inspired by those who wondered, but they were written for the

three daughters who grew up in the garden.

California Publishers Press
PO Box 3912, Pinedale, California, 93650
Leilani-Wing Shimizu Hand Crafted Greeting Cards
These you have to see:  Beautiful hand made cards
by local artist and photographer Leilani-Wing Shimizu.

The attention to detail and artistry put in to each
greeting card is amazing! 
We are so proud to carry these works of art!

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